Academic publishing: a battle

It feels like vendor season – renewal decision time for lots of our journals and databases, lots of visits from vendors, and we are in the process of looking at new a new Library management system.

On the topic of vendors and academic publishing I came accross this from the guardian today:

And this a couple of weeks ago (I know it’s old, but still relevant):

It all makes me so mad. I wish I had more Jenica in me – more power to make those big decisions and the bravery to make them.

The only way we are going to change the system is to get keep talking about it, and all work to try and change it. We are all small players, even the largest libraries, but the academic publishers couldn’t do without us. We need to work with academics, we need government on our side.

It both riles me up and makes me feel hopelessly powerless all at the same time.

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