Product placement

Had a sick day yesterday and had no brain and nothing worth saying so skipped my #blogjune post for the day.

Busy day back at work today so I thought I’d do a little product placement in lieu of a worthwhile post.

1. Garage project: Mecha Hop

I had this wonderful kiwi beer on the weekend. Garage Project do novelty craft beers, but they do them extremely well.

Garage Project: Mecha Hop

Garage Project: Mecha Hop

The label reads:

Brewed better than nature to battle it out at GABS 2014 (Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular), Mecha Hop – 100% Industrial Process Ale. Using only the finest vacuum evaporated pure dry malt extract and Warrior, Amarillo and Simcoe liquid CO2 hop extracts, this beast of a beer weighs in at 10% abv and over 100 IBU (bitterness). Guaranteed no raw, unprocessed ingredients – the modernist dream at its unheeding and arrogant best. The bold new world of Garage Project – welcome to the future. What could possibly go wrong?

I was not convinced by the label. But N was, so we bought it and I am glad we did. 4.5/5

 2. Hakanoa hand-made ginger syrup

Hakanoa ginger syrup

Hakanoa ginger syrup

I found this while I was organising the pantry on the weekend, just in time to get sick! It is intensely gingery. Mixed with lime or lemon and hot water it feels like drinking liquid ginger and it can feel it making me better with every sip. It’s made in Auckland and as it was a present I have no idea where you can buy it, but I’ll be working that out when I get through the bottle (which won’t take long!).

3. Garage Project: Umami Monster

As you can see, this is unopened but I’m excited to try it this weekend. It has NZ kelp, Japanese fermented bonito, smoked malt and seawater. Reading these ingredients from any other brewery would put me off completely, but if anyone can pull it off its Garage Project. I’ll report back when I try it!

Garage Project: Umami Monster

Garage Project: Umami Monster

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One Response to Product placement

  1. melchivers says:

    Wow is all I can say about the Umami Monster. It is intense, I couldn’t call it subtle but it is balanced. It tastes like Japan in a glass. Yum.

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