Back to the gym

With my last assignment submitted last night tonight to celebrate I went to the gym (excitement all round!). First time in almost a month and I’m a worried I won’t be able to walk tomorrow!
In all seriousness I actually really enjoyed it. In my mind I picture the gym as a torture house, but when I’m there I remember that it’s a building full of energetic healthy happy people. I go to the University gym and it has an amazingly varied clientele – from precious teenagers worried about how they look, professional athletes, through to people well into their in their 80s.
Also I had forgotten adrenaline, as much as I enjoy walking the dog it doesn’t give you that little high after a good exercise session!

But the music. Why is the music so bad?!

Found this gem assessing in the teacher education library today


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5 Responses to Back to the gym

  1. Good on you Mel – and congrats on getting your assignment in ….

  2. strawberriesofintegrity says:

    I am so with you on gym music. Worst ever, and guaranteed to stick in your head!
    Well done on finishing the assignment also πŸ™‚

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