Beer club and reference desks

June Beer Club

June Beer Club


Last night I went to Beer Club. Held once a month at a local bar called Wonderhorse.
$15 buys you six (generous) samples and substantial snacks (last night the snack was two delicious mini burgers).
This month there was some particularly delicious beer, wintery stouts and barley wines – my kind of beer!


Panhead Black Sabbath

Panhead Black Sabbath

My favourite beer of the night was a very dangerous 11% oak aged black rye and barley wine from Panhead. Panhead are a relatively new brewery (founded in 2012) based in Wellington, and so far I’m yet to try a beer of theirs I don’t like.


I really enjoy craft beer, I enjoy tasting new things and chatting about it with friends. Beer club is very casual, the crown is made up of everyone from people who own breweries through to total newcomers to the craft beer scene. It’s relaxed, fun and very good value for money!

While I was at beer club I was chatting to guy who mentioned he is in his first year studying at the Uni where I work and that he had really struggled with research and was too scared to come and ask for help. I explained we just sit on the reference desk waiting for people to come and research questions, but he was certain his questions were too simple and unworthy of our time.

It terrifies me to think how many students are just like him. We do have one of those monolithic desks that I’m sure adds to the intimidation factor. Like most libraries who haven’t already changed service models, we are thinking about it. I think it is a good idea to change, I’m worried that some of the alternatives are just as bad for our users – in different ways.  Although I’m not your average user, I assume our users feel as I do in that – I don’t want to be accosted as I walk in the door of a library or when I am happily browsing the shelves. But I do want to be able to easily locate and attract attention as soon as I want it. Moving away from traditional desk service requires very attentive, well-trained confident staff.


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