Behind already: A story of procrastination

I sign up to blog every day for a month and fail on day two!? 

I spent the entire day yesterday finishing an assignment (aside from time spent eating or walking the dog). 

Why do I always do this to myself? I try to avoid the last minute crush, but I always end up doing it. Why? 

Part of the why is that I secretly enjoy it. The rush of adrenaline, the clarity that only pressure can provide. It is a challenge to myself, and so far one that had paid off. There is no correlation between how early I get started and when I complete, and under how much time pressure. Clear plans with small deadlines along the way help, but I always find something I’m not happy with that needs changing the day before due date.

And so I try to accept. That procrastination and pressure is part of my personality. I plan for it, put measures in place so that I can cram. Put unfair amounts of pressure on my understanding partner and forego balance and any semblance of a healthy lifestyle for a few days.

And hope I don’t get sick when it’s all over. 

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