Week 4 of being mobile

We are already up to week four of the 23 mobile things, and have motored through twitter,  photo apps, “email on the go” and now on to “maps and checking-in”.

I found the email and photos very easy, I already do most of my personal email reading on my mobile or ipad and I an comfortable taking photos and uploading to social media.

But this week is interesting. “Checking-in” applications make me feel really uneasy.   There is a reason why I haven’t ever used Foursquare or “checked-in” on Facebook. For the most part I don’t want the world knowing where I am. It seems like an advertisement for burglars and an invasion of privacy. Luckily nothing is compulsory (or marked) in this programme so I’ll skip this one out.

Mobile maps (the other part of this weeks thing) on the other hand are great! I don’t use them everyday but they have got me out of some sticky situations (lost, late). I wouldn’t like to have to live without Google Maps and I also love the “streetview” inside cultural institutions project.

I’m really happy with the way my library uses maps. Every physical item in the library has a link in the catalogue to a map of where it belongs. I think it’s pretty neat. Our library isn’t that large but the collection is broken up a bit. Students who are new to the library are always pleasantly surprised when I point this feature out to them.

Location of book on shelf

Location of book on shelf

Catalogue link to map

Catalogue link to map

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