23 Mobile Things: Week One: Twitter

I wrote a couple of weeks ago that I’d signed up to the Australia/New Zealand  23 mobile things course and this is week one! I feel like this will be a great way for me to continue the learning from INF506 and keep thinking about new media and how it relates back to libraries and to my job.

Week one is Twitter. I have been using twitter since mid 2011 in the lead up to the 5th New Librarians’ Symposium. That was a fantastic initiation into twitter, I “met” people online before I got there and made a lot of connections and followers  at the event as well as learning all about the “back channel”  – the conversation that takes place on twitter while a speaker is talking and afterwards.  I have used Twitter in varying amounts since then, but generally at least once a day, sometimes more, sometimes less.

I use Twitter on my laptop and my ipad. I used to use it on my phone a lot when I commuted by public transport (great way to fill in a train ride) but now I ride to work and my phone is old and crappy I don’t bother with it much anymore.

I use the tweetdeck on my laptop and hootsuite and I have saved searches that display hashtags of interest to me (anz23mthings (for this project), inf506, newprofnz, and I set up ones for events). I have multiple accounts (my own account, NLS6 (because I was on the committee) and my work account (as of last week).

I wasn’t sure how much I would learn about Twitter but I have. What have learnt this week is that I need to be using lists! I’d heard about them but never paid attention before. This seems like it’s a way to cut down on the overload feeling and make it less likely I’ll miss the really important posts or people. I have started to set up some lists, to start with library accounts, companies and famous people (I probably only follow 10 celebrities, mostly authors, but they post a lot!). Having a list rather than following them has already started to calm down my twitter feed to the little people. I plan over the holidays to try and organise more Twitter lists properly but at this stage I don’t have much time to read Twitter, let alone organise it!

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