Whelmed Over

So, I thought I’d post a bit of a reflection in progress on how I’m finding INF506.

In a word overwhelming. I feel like I am juggling and struggling keep all the balls up in the air. I am trying to use LinkedIn, Delicious, Twitter, Facebook, this blog, Flickr, QR codes, and more!

And I’m struggling:

  • I still haven’t worked out delicious. I created an account and used it for an assignment five years ago and then I found it intuitive. I haven’t worked out how to add resources to the SISsocialmedia group and have an OLJ post that has been languishing for over a month about it. 
  • I have tagged a couple of things on Twitter with the hash-tag  and while I already use Twitter I keep forgetting to keep an eye on it for INF506 as well.
  • I haven’t added any images to my Flickr account (but I had already done this in the past and at work), but I have been finding and using creative commons images for this blog.
  • LinkedIn sends me guilt trip emails at least once a day asking why I haven’t completed the profile I created and reminds me I have no “friends” on there. I can see the potential value but it seems a bit silly when most of the connections would be people overseas!
  • I have been looking at QR codes a bit. I have written them off in the past as they often just link to a website and it would be faster to just Google. But I’ve been making an effort to scan them when I see them around and I’ve seen some interesting ways of using them to add value and offer additional service/information. An example is the Hamilton Gardens has QR codes that link to extra information about the plants.

And that’s not even getting into creating my social networking project!

I have warmed to using Facebook as a forum. Possibly part of that is because the conversation flows more easily than in the clunky Interact forums.

I am confident generally using individual technologies, but I have overload trying to use them all at once. I am finding that I’m relating them back to my job and making an effort to explain the things I’m learning to colleagues when I get the chance.

Part of this feeling is, no doubt, related to the fact that this is my first study since 2008, my first ever distance module, and the first time I’ve tried to study while working anything close to full time.  In the last two months I’ve had more migraines than ever before and I feel like I’m struggling to keep my head above water.

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