Welcome to the ANZ 23 Mobile Things course!

As if I wasn’t already busy enough this semester I have just signed up for this coordinated progression through the self directed online programme of 23 Mobile Things:


I signed up to it because the 23 things look useful and while I have used some of the tools I haven’t really applied them to a library context. By doing the programme with librarians in Australia and New Zealand I hope that I will get more comfortable and learn more about some mobile technologies, but most importantly apply this knowledge to libraries. I’m also trying to get people involved at work (which will means I will get away with doing some of it at work!)

In particular things that I’m excited about are:

Augmented reality

I have looked at History pin and Layar and seen how these have been used in public libraries for history tours but I haven’t seen or thought of any useful ways that this technology could be used in an academic library.

eResources vendor apps

I feel a bit guilty that I haven’t played with these more, I’m they aren’t that hard I just haven’t taken the time to sit down and learn how they work.

Digital storytelling

This is really a bit of a mystery to me so I’m looking forward to learning more about it.

The 23 mobile things start next week so I’m hoping I’ll be able to apply some of it back into INF506 as an added bonus.

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