Getting back into it

Ruled Notebook and Lamy Scribble Pencil by Alexander Becker

My blog has been very quiet of late. It has been going the same way that all the journals of my past have gone. I start off strong and then stop writing but continue to think about what I should be writing.

I haven’t written a post in almost a month! In that time I have I have been reading and playing.

I spent some more time on Second Life and have read some more about some things that are happening that have not changed my mind but have made me realise that more is going on than is immediately obvious.

I have been thinking about RSS with the demise of Google reader.

I watched New Zealand parliament pass marriage equality into law on Twitter and was heartened.

I have been watching videos on Google Glass and reading blogs on how this new technology might be used in libraries (and by perverts) with interest.

I have been investigating wikis for my social networking projects and realising to my dismay that I will need to use the clunky Microsoft Sharepoint wiki application.

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