Professional/personal: blurring the lines

I have had a Facebook account for what feels like forever, I wasn’t a very early adopter but joined when it because obvious that this was going to be a useful place to keep in touch with my friends around the country and the world (and down the road).

Facebook has always been a social place for me. I am aware of security settings and avoid posting things that could get me in trouble at work or otherwise. I have colleagues and even managers as friends on Facebook but they are the colleagues that I would be happy to go out for a coffee or a beer with and who I don’t mind knowing I occasionally get drunk or post politically challenging content.

It has been interesting signing up for INF506 and joining a professional group on what for me is a social space, it blurs some lines for me that I am not sure I want to be blurred.

Twitter is another matter altogether. I started using twitter in the lead-up to ALIA NLS6 in 2011 and have always used it as a professional networking tool. Sure, I have friends and I tweet non-library related content, but only the things that I would be happy to say at the water cooler in the office. For example I wouldn’t swear on twitter but I would on Facebook in the same way that I don’t swear at work but I might at the pub for Friday night drinks.

I am interested to see how I feel about this blurring of my networks over the following weeks of INF506 and will attempt to reflect on this.

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